Savvy mum shares cost-cutting trick using Amazon packaging for gifts

Savvy mum shares cost-cutting trick using Amazon packaging for gifts

Save money on wrapping paper.

With the build up to Christmas and the big day itself, we all know that December can be an expensive time.

However, a savvy mum has shared a clever cost-cutting trick that is likely to help a lot of people during the festive season.

Josephine Elsmore, an artist from North Yorkshire, realised she could recycle something she had lying around the house and use it as wrapping paper.

A few years ago, the 42-year-old noticed that Amazon deliveries feature brown paper in their packaging and that this could go to good use elsewhere.

The mum then began saving this old paper and has been storing it ready for Christmas, so she can use it to wrap her presents.

This means there’s no need to go out and buy wrapping paper specifically.

‘I have used brown paper as wrapping paper for a couple of years now as it is easily recyclable and much better for the environment,’ she told

‘When Amazon had changed their inner packaging from plastic air pockets and bubble wrap to brown paper, I started saving that paper.

‘I now have more than enough wrapping and I don’t need to buy any.’

She’s now sharing her money-saving tip with the world, in the hope it might help other people during the cost of living crisis.

Josephine also uses a Sharpie pen and red string to give her gifts a festive finished look.

She added: ‘As an artist, I have an abundance of art materials and had a couple of white gel pens which work really well for drawing details on the paper.

‘I have also seen people make stamps and print patterns on with paint which would be a great activity to do with the kids.

‘It’s very easy to do, you can decorate the paper before you use it or like I have done, draw the decorations on after the ribbon is on.

‘If you want to make it more environmentally friendly you can use string instead of ribbon.’


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